Monday, March 5, 2012

Climb and February Wrap-up

So, how about that stair climb, eh? It was really really amazing, and I could see doing it again next year. I had a couple really great NSVs that day too. First, I wore a pair of sweatpants over my capris and didn't feel like a cow. Whee! Heck, the fact that I fit in a pair of pants while already wearing a pair of pants was pretty cool. Also, I caught myself having some really crazy negative self talk when I was around the 20th floor -- almost talking myself into quitting. I managed to turn it around and keep going. There is nothing like getting to the finish line after something like that! There are a few things I would do different next year. I would recruit some people to do it with me and I will spend more time training on actual stairs. The stepmill is great, but it is no substitute for the real thing!
Wrap Up. Not much different to report. Let's review my 2012 goals and my progress:

  1. Get to Goal Weight: 170lbs - Back down to my relative low of 205. Progress.
  2. Give paleo-style eating an honest month (at least) of effort - Still doing Weight Watchers with hubby. It's going really well so far!
  3. Set monthly exercise goals and track consistently (and blog it!). I think I forgot to set February goals. Oops.
  4. Find fitness events to stay motivated to exercise. - Completed the American Lung Association Stair Climb on March 4! One down, three to go!
  5. Take supplements daily. - Still working on it. I'm having difficulty with pills.
Overall: 2/5 is an improvement over last month!

  1. Paint and install old headboard. - Plans are made, but we haven't figured out a date yet. Weekends fill up fast!
  2. Follow the 2012 Organize in 5 Daily Diary. - OMG, I'm so behind. I haven't done a thing this month!
  3. Find a space in the basement to organize crafty items/tools. - Made plans with my mom to work on this.
  4. Carve out a little office niche somewhere in the house. - See previous.
Overall: Making some good plans for the basement. Now I just need to act!

  1. Finish Service Excellence Certification - Classes are coming up, so we're in a holding pattern on this one.
  2. Do monthly or semi monthly staff morale projects. - Nothing. Poo.
Overall: Holding steady!
Plans for March: 
I plan to workout at least ten times this month. And I need to find my next fitness event. It'll be summer by then, so I'm thinking I'll find a 5k to walk. My mom is going to help me do a mom2mom sale to start emptying out space in the basement. Then I'll just need to clean really well and put together my old desk. It's a start!


Anonymous said...

Way to keep your goals out there. Writing them out will help you achieve them.

Steph said...

I am SO happy for you doing that climb. You are 1000 times better than me. I would have had a stroke. You are super awesome!!! :)

Rachel said...

You are doing great! Keep it up!! xx

MandaPanda said...

I have to disagree that you didn't set monthly exercise goals and blog about it. The stairclimb was on your radar and you blogged about the training. Totally counts, I think. So proud of you for doing the stair climb. Where are you? Maybe I'll come out and do it with you next year! Gulp!

Beth Ann said...

You are awesome. :)

Janice said...

I'm impressed. Those stair climbs can be killers! In Chicago, we have the "Hustle up the Hancock."

Great job keeping your goals out there. You are so on track!
Happy Weekend!