Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WW Trial Round Up and a Hard Look at Myself

Official weigh in? I gained a pound this week. I’m disappointed (of course), but I’ve learned a few things this week. First, I’m not drinking enough water. I’m averaging about 40 oz per day, when I really need to be more at 90-100, especially with my kidney stone lurking in there. I’m also starting to wonder if I drink too much Crystal Light. Could it be that those chemicals have something to do with my kidney stone issues? Also, I’ve sworn off all diet food since being pregnant, yet I still down Crystal Light like it’s going out of style. I wonder if cutting out that last bastion of fake sugar will help with my cravings. Because, you know, I am a the owner of a very determined sweet tooth. It doesn’t need any help, that is for sure.

Second, I eat like shit. Seriously. I eat a lot of crap from boxes, bars, mixes, etc. Even if it’s not necessarily high calorie or high fat, there’s still not much nutritional value happening there. I really should cook more, for me, for my hubs, and to set an example for my kiddos, even though they’re still little. I should probably count myself lucky that the tater tot likes her veggies and fruits so much!

Next, I treat myself alot. A LOT. And sometimes it’s not just for treat’s sake, sometimes I’m using food to comfort myself. I’ll be honest: This morning I was so pissed off about gaining a pound that I had Zingers for breakfast. And hot cocoa. I know! It’s ridic! I was really mulling the whole thing over while doing my first few tests this morning, and I just decided it was time to be honest with myself about my behavior. Some really bad habits have been creeping their way back into my daily routine, and sure, a good fill would help, but I can’t expect it to do everything. I also have to consider my horrendous family history of heart disease, and I need to start taking care of myself NOW, before there is a real problem. I already have high blood pressure and borderline high cholesterol. I’ve seen too many people in their 30s and 40s have real cardiac issues in my line of work, that there is really no excuse for letting it happen to me. Or at least, I can’t let it be that I go down without a fight. Yes, some things are genetic and can’t be helped, but there are so many lifestyle changes that have real, measurable effects.

So, what am I going to do about this? For starters, I’m going to stick with Weight Watchers for a little while. I like that it’s making me think about what I’m eating, not just how much. Hopefully, with my fill this Monday, the “how much” won’t be an issue for awhile. I’m also going to cut out Crystal Light. I’ll replace it with watered down juice or unsweetened iced tea. While I’m at it, I’ll work on upping my water intake. And I’m going to plan my dinners and actually find some things to cook or put together at night.

Bullet style:
  • WW
  • more water, less Crystal Light
  • real dinners and real lunches
Here’s to a better week, or a least more effort and shaking off the funk!


Blossom said...

I think the fake sugars in Crystal Light can do the same things the ones in diet soda do...try sticking to plain water (or water with lemon, lime or frozen fruit in it) and see if it helps!

Jacquie said...

Sounds like a great plan Maria! Good luck honey!

Linda said...

Sounds like a good plan Maria! You can do it - we're here for you.

Dizzy Girl said...

Once I changed those things too (Crystal Light and more whole foods) made a world of difference. It will be the difference for you too! Plus fake sugar is BAAAAAD for developing baby brains. Not trying to lecture, just reminding you to kick it to the curb, HARD!

Bonnie said...

Hoping the scale moves in the right direction soon.

Maria said...

Dizzy - I never feed my kids fake sugar EVER! I do my best to keep the high fructose corn syrup out of their food too.

Band-Babe said...

This my friend, is a good plan. I definitely need to be more mindful of what I'm eating. And I drink a ton of diet soda... which I absolutely believe makes me crave sweets. (And that's not hard to do anyway!).