Wednesday, December 15, 2010

12/15/10 Fill day and stuff

So much to say!

Monday was finally fill day for me. I have waited so long for this! At least it felt like it. My doc pulled out all the fluid to see what was there, and wouldn’t you know, there was about .3 cc LESS than he expected. He gave me another .3, so now I’m right about 1.4ccs. The good news? I think it is working. I’m noticing that I’m getting full on about ¾ cup of food and staying full for a reasonable amount of time. AND, thank God in heaven, the scale finally moved in a downward direction! I was up to 223 on Sunday, and today I was 220.9. I’ll take it! This, mind you, is all during a holiday brunch at work, a goodbye coffee/cake party for a coworker, and our department holiday party. I’m chalking it up to a good fill and mindfulness on my part about what is going in my mouth.

Speaking of holiday parties, our docs put on a really nice one for us this year. It was at a hall, and we even had a DJ for dancing! We all really needed to cut loose, and this was a perfect opportunity. It’s nice to have some out of work bonding time. I danced my hiney off, which is probably why I didn’t have any bloat from drinking. One really nice thing that happened? One of the supervisors told me how great I looked. It made me want to cry! I’ve been at this weird plateau for so long now, that it really felt good to be acknowledged.

So, remember my plan from last Wednesday? I know, it feels like eons ago...
1) Weight Watchers. I will admit I didn’t track through the better part of last week, because I was still feeling kinda like, “oh, fuck it.” This was weigh-in day though, so I’m starting off the week strong.

2) More water, less Crystal Light. I’m proud to say, I have not had one drop of Crystal Light since last week! My awesome hubby brought home bags of lemons, limes, and oranges when he grocery shopped, so my water has been brightened with fresh citrus all week. Yum!

3) Real food. So far, so good. We made two lovely pots of soup over the weekend, and I’ve been getting more fruits and veggies in. The real challenge will be to keep the variety when I’m eating less.

One more thing about the fill appointment. I asked my doc what he thought a good goal weight would be for me. Believe it or not, I have never had this official conversation with either him or my original surgeon. The magic number? 170. I think this is pretty realistic, so I’m going to go with it. That would be 105lbs down for me too. Up till now, I’d always had my goal at 150 because it’s close to what I weighed freshman year of college, but we’ll see how things are looking when I get to 170. I’m officially adjusting the ticker too.

Happy Hump Day!


Island Bandit said...

yay! Thank goodness you got your fill AND it appears to be doing the trick!

I'm curious as to how you follow WW with the band... and I guess why? When I did WW I often found it difficult to get in all of my required points (and that didn't even include exercise points that I earned). Now that I have a band and good restriction, there's no way in HELL I'd be able to consume even close to the required points to make it work.... so just curious as to how you're doing it

-Grace- said...

Whoo-hoo!! Great news! :)

amandakiska said...

So glad things are moving along again.

Sam said...

Things look to be moving along very nicely :o)

Keep it up, you are doing great!!