Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!

1. I'm going to stop talking about food in terms of "good" and "bad". I mean it. I charge all of you with calling me out in the comments if I do it. I'm going to start right now. I ate a piece of pizza for dinner and I really fucking enjoyed it! So there!

2. I was thinking about how much more I swear in Chicago with you guys than I do in normal daily life. At work, I have to curb it because I'm a supervisor and because of patients. At home, I have to curb it because of the kids. So there's 90% of my life right there. Once I'm away from both of those... prepare yourselves!

3. I'm working an afternoon shift today, which means almost everyone has gone home now and I can dance around my office with little fear of getting caught. It's the little things.

4. This morning I had a PT appointment. I'm so over the trainers at my gym. I've been trying to stick with this one guy because at least he's not a total douche-nozzle. His personal training knowledge? Minimal. And yes, I feel fully able to judge because not only do I have all the classes towards a masters in Exercise Science, I also was once certified as a personal trainer. Oh, the places life takes us! Anyway, this morning he asks what I want to work on, so I say Upper Body. He then says, Chest/Tris or Back/Bis? I gave him the eyebrow because we had this conversation three weeks ago where I explained to him that I am NOT an advanced bodybuilder and that for the best results, I should be doing full body workouts since I only lift twice a week. At the very least, I could do a upper/lower split. If he makes me only do back/bis, then that means my back is only getting worked once every other week. Not going to do much for me. Ugh. He also insists on making me do leg extensions, which are so horrible for your knees. I'm always saying, let's go squat or deadlift and he ignores me. I wish I was not so impulsive, otherwise I would not have signed up for this clown show for a whole year. Damn!

5. Tomorrow is rest day and I'm so glad. My poor hips are still recovering from Wednesdays run. How does one ice their hips? Is that even possible?

6. My fingernails are getting too long. But I don't have time for a manicure. Come to think of it, I haven't even had a pedicure this summer! I usually get one for my birthday in June, but I never used my gift card. Hmmm. Maybe this weekend. My feets are nasty!

7. Tomorrow is also weigh-in day! I've stuck to my word and ignored the scale all week. I've felt like my eating was on plan about 75%. We'll see if that was enough to buy me a loss.

8. On my Pandora station right now: Don't You Evah by Spoon.

9.My hubby is on a kick to use up all of our stocked up pantry food before we move. One thing we've really been hitting hard is the tea. We have TONS of tea. We've been making pot after pot of iced tea, and we still have 10 bags of regular tea, one box of earl grey, and a half box of miscellaneous herbal teas. This doesn't even count the three containers of loose tea. Yikes. 

10. Laminating is fun. Just sayin'.


Laura Belle said...

Oh thank you baby swear too. Its like a dirty old sailor lives in me. Every other word is an f bomb sometimes! On ur hips: do the butterfly srtetch, where u sit on the floor and put ur feet together n ur crotch and push down on ur knees. Amazeballs!

Z said...

lol! my fave is the f-bomb.

Ronnie said...

I swear like it's going out of style... drives my mother nuts. (Not proud, just real!) My boys went through a whole "fuck" phase where I was mortified that I said it so much, but now that they never say words like that anymore... I'm back to being a dirty trucker. Damn it.

I like the idea of not ever saying any food is bad. I don't think pizza is bad: I eat it like twice a month. I'll probably be eating it at BOOBs. I need my deep dish - I never got it last year! (Now, I won't be eating the crust... but that's because I'd probably die of stuck-dom. lol)

ALSO, get a pedicure. I'm getting one right before BOOBs. My feet are like... scaly.

MandaPanda said...

I LOVE laminating! And labeling...can't forget labeling.

Your trainer is a douche canoe. That is all.

While I agree no food is inherently "bad," I keep eating a whole lot of not-so-great food. I really need to get my mojo back. You're inspiring me to do so. Thank you.

FitBy40 said...

We also decided to go through all the dry goods in the pantry before moving. Some dinners were very interesting, but I refused to shop only to have to move food!
I ice my hip by laying on the ice pack in bed. It seems to help.
I too have not had a pedicure all damn summer and it's killing me. I have promised myself I will get one just before my trip back East for our family reunion.

H said...

I have to follow you after this post alone.

1) You swear. FUCK YEAH!
2) You made the mistake of signing up for a year of PT at a gym. I did that once, we have a bond.
3) I have an entire shelf of tea in my kitchen. I keep buying more. It is an addiction. I don't even drink that much tea. WTF.

And randomly, I am hanging out at 222.2 right now, so we are on a similar track.