Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Unfill :(

I think I told you how I got a wee unfill last week? Well, the heartburn was still a-ragin' and I was still getting stuck randomly. I decided to not sit on it for so long this time. Luckily I was able to get in yesterday afternoon. I talked the doc into a complete unfill. Truth be told, I need an EGD done and he also wanted me to get an upper GI. So, the upper GI is scheduled for tomorrow morning. I really wanted to get that done ASAP. As soon as I know I do not have a slip, I will feel eight bazillion times better. As for being unfilled, I don't even care. My poor stomach just needs a rest. 

Timing is always something, isn't it? On Monday, a coworker and I started a whole30 challenge. Monday went really well, but today has been less than perfect. I tried eating my spinach/sausage strata again and promptly got stuck (yes, even unfilled, I got stuck). So for lunch I had mashed potatoes and gravy.  Whatevs. The point, for me, is not to be perfect, it is to be BETTER.

For dinner yesterday I made a totally kick ass herb-crusted pork tenderloin. It was awesome. I'm hoping my tum settles down enough that I can eat more for dinner tonight! I was going to do the thing where I take pictures of my meals, but you know what, F that. I'm too lazy. I will, however, share recipes and meal plans that I thought worked especially well. Here's my first share:

New Stay Fit Lunch Box: Before you go buying this on Amazon, check your grocery store. I got mine at Meijer for $6.97. Anyway, I was wanting one of those cool Laptop Lunch Bento style boxes, but it's $40 for Pete's sake. So I decided to try this out while I practice bringing my lunch. So far, so good. I like the little utensil hidey hole in the top.

Paula Deen's Herb Crusted Pork Tenderloin. Delish. And largely hands off. Need I say more?


Jacquie said...

Good for you not Waiting to get the unfill! Let us know how you make out with the upper gi.

Darlin1 said...

I agree with Jacquie....GOOD FOR YOU....for not waiting!

You're in my thoughts and prayers!

FitBy40 said...

Best of luck! I'm hoping for the best.

Kristin50 said...

Oh Maria I hate hearing this, I certainly can relate!

Prayers coming your way that the band in fine!

Take it easy and let that stomach and esophagus rest!

Joey said...


Are you at least feeling better?