Monday, December 19, 2011

Sunday Night Refocus - Better Late Than Never Edition and Secret Santa!

Better late than never... seems to be my motto these days. I'm losing my spunk, people. I don't know what it is... I was really in the holiday mood and anymore it is waning. I am getting stressed! Lest I forget though, let's check in.
  1. Drink more water. Dismal.
  2. No candy. Meh. I had some peanut butter M&Ms, but other than that I did avoid the candy.
  3. Exercise 3 times: Yes! And I even signed up for some personal training to get some motivation!
  4. Bandster Basics. I actually feel I did really well on this. Until Sunday when I grazed all day at my uncle's house. Oh yeah. It's was bad.
  5. 1200 cals per day: Again, the weekends did me in. I think I need to approach it more like "I'm only going to eat what I can log", instead of "I'm not logging it because I have no idea what's in it frame of mind."
I got my DEXA results in the mail already -- I'll give you more on that tomorrow. It was very cool, and I'm really really really glad I did it.

So Secret Santa! I got my gift in the mail on Saturday and can I just say that someone out there knows me really well! Sephora gift card and a cool holiday starbucks tumbler. *LOVE*. I am drinking one of the Via packets as I type! Thank you, thank you, thank you secret santa! When are you going to reveal yourself?!

As for my person... I am sending out today (nothing like waiting till the last minute, eh?). And because I am so last minute with it, I'm adding some extra fun.

Plans for staying on track this week...
  • water, and no excuses. 
  • I made a batch of Rocco Dispirito black bean soup (just got his cook book for Christmas) and divvy-ed it up for lunch portions this week.
  • First personal training session on Wednesday night.
  • Got Just Dance 3 for Christmas too (yes, we pretty much have Christmas all week long in this family), so I'll be shaking my tailfeathers for some extra cardio a few times a week.
Everyone have a great Monday and a great week. I'll be back tomorrow with DEXA results!


Ronnie said...

Ooh, let us know how you like JD3! :) I've been thinking about getting that myself.

Can't wait to hear about the results.

MandaPanda said...

It's so much easier to stay on plan during the week isn't it? Must just be the routine. Good luck this week!

Lyla said...

Mmmm black bean soup. If it's awesome and you get a chance, I'd love the recipe.

Good luck on the goals.

FitBy40 said...

I have to look up that recipe. I LOVE black bean soup and always look for variations.

Sam said...

6/7 isnt too bad for staying on track, I like the idea of oly eating what you can track, that would limit a lot of the Lindsay bad stuff :o)

Banded Mommy (Angie) said...


Dawnya said...

You got this missy. can I have Christmas all week long at my house?