Monday, November 21, 2011

Return of the Refocus!

What can I say? I've not been very focused lately. I've talked a good game, but there hasn't been much follow-through. I haven't even been blogging as much as I'd like. Yes, it's the holiday season, but that's no excuse on either account, is it?


Last night I was finally catching up on reading some of your blogs when I came across Fluffy's Bandiversary posts. Something struck a chord… again. Really, I don't know how many times I have to be hit over the head with something to make it sink in. So, I'm renewing my vows with you, with my band. To love and to cherish, to take care of in sickness and in health, to do my best not to barf, to eat bandster portions, to not drink with meals, to make healthy choices, to exercise, till death do us part.


First thing I'm going to do is reinstate my Sunday night refocus posts, in which I will give you my intentions for the week. Next I'm going to list all my NSVs, so I can review how far I've come instead of getting bogged down in how far I still have to go. I'm also going to print out a list of bandster rules and hang them on the side of my computer monitor at work. There will be no escaping!


Let's get to it. Here is what I intend for this week:

  1. Drink more water. I know I'm dehydrated. I don't feel the need to be specific -- my intake is that dismal. Just drink.
  2. No candy. Period.
  3. Exercise 3 times, whether it's at the gym or Just Dance on the Wii. Do something to break out of the rut.
  4. Bandster Basics.
  5. 1200 cals per day, logged on
  6. Thanksgiving: Lots of delicious turkey protein and a little bit of whatever else. A piece of pie. Done. No need to stress over it.


Now, let me tell you about my visit with the NP at the Weight Control Center. Basically, she told me I was a band superstar, but I begged to differ. She told me that most of the band patients she sees lose only 40-60 pounds, and that with me having lost 70 and having kept it off, she was impressed. So, of course, I had to tell her about all of our band superstars losing over 100 lbs. I could tell she was skeptical. Hmph. So, I also told her I plan on losing 100 myself and to give her some credit, she was very supportive and helped me put a plan in place. Next appointment is in December. It's a big day. I have a fill in the morning, then I go to the WCC for a DEXA scan for body composition, a meeting with the exercise physiologist, the nutritionist, and finally the MD. It's 3 weeks away, and I would love to show up under 200. Finally. Seriously done with Two-nusia.


So. Over. It.


Happy Monday everyone!


Cece said...

You can do it ! I like your list for your refocus :)

Lynda said...

Sometimes it scares me how in tune we are...this post seriously could have come from my own head! If you don't mind, I will join you on your Sunday night re-focus. I need a bit of it, too.

PS What's a DEXA?

MandaPanda said...

I've missed the Refocus posts! Glad to see they're coming back.

Stephanie said...

This can be your "How Maria Got Her Groove Back" post...I'm glad you've gotten refocused and found your mojo. In my eyes you are a superstar. Your NP is right. You have lost and most importantly KEPT OFF 70 lbs. How is that not so amazingly successful within it's own right? You are awesome and you need to believe it 100%.

Lap Band Gal said...

I LOVE that you are refocusing. I do it ALL THE FREAKING TIME. We are never done in this journey. I know you can do it and will be successful :)

Jacquie said...

I refocus at least once a day! You can do it and we are all here for you!

Anonymous said...

You can do anything you set your mind to.

Kristin50 said...

You can do this, as you have said you have already done so well, now you can finish it! Keep your eye on the prize!

Sam said...

Refocus is what is am doing too. We can do it. I like your plan of attack, although I don't know how your NP can be so skeptical, there are so many lapbanders that have done the 100lb, just think, you can be her first :o)

Andrea said...

Great plan!