Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Someday Box

Thanks for the shopping suggestions from my last post! I ended up getting a pair of khakis at Kohl's (16s even!), and I'll probably go back for more. I still have to do some patient contact stuff in the mornings so I won't be getting too dressed up. Plus, I'll still need to wear my clogs (no cute shoes for this gal), and they just do not go with dress pants.

Over the weekend, I was rifling through some things in the basement, and I came across a bin of clothes I had dubbed my "someday" box. As in, I will someday fit into these clothes again. Wouldn't ya know, my first "someday" has arrived. There was a pair of size 18 jeans from New York & Company in there -- they totally fit! A little further digging revealed another bin full of 16s and 18s -- all kinds of jeans, khakis, shorts, etc. I tried on everything, and pitched half of it for being too big. Keep in mind these things are all at least six or seven years old, and we all know how Lane Bryant cuts their clothes a little, ahem, different these days. So I wasn't too upset when I found an eight year old size 20 pair of capris that fit great. Lord, how I hate that store.

Anyone else have a someday box?


Stephanie said...

Let me know your mailing address and I'll send you some of the pants from Khols you can have!!! :) They are Croft and Barrow and are 14's, but they may work for you!

kagead said...

What size are you on top? I'll be in Detroit the 6th-8th and I might have a few things for you. My dress pants are not in the best shape, but I have some of those in 16, too.

MandaPanda said...

No someday box for me. More like a someday closet. I just moved and went through everything. I donated 2 giant boxes of clothes (would've offered them up to the Sisterhood if they were better quality). The smallest things in my cloest now is a Size 12 dress and a Size 8 skirt. Those are my only 2 someday items. Everything else actually FITS. Go figure.