Friday, February 11, 2011


What day of the week do you love and what day of the week do you hate?

I don't know if I feel that strongly about any particular day. I can't even say I love Fridays because sometimes (like this weekend) I have to work on Saturdays. I pretty much love any day I have off work during the week where I can still drop the kids at daycare and actually get stuff done around the house.

2. What is your middle name and is there a meaning behind it?

Mine is Therese. I'm named after St. Theresa, the Little Flower. And my first name is after the Blessed Mother. How's that for an Italian Roman Catholic?

3. Since I’m dreaming of my next tattoo, I’m going to ask this one. Do you have any tattoos? How many? If you don’t have one – what would you get if you did have one?

I don't have any. I've always wanted one, but I've never been able to decide what I want, so I figure I should wait until I figure that out. I'm not in a huge hurry.

4. On that same theme of dirty little secrets…how many piercings do you have? Any you wish you had?

I have four in one ear and two in the other, though these days I've only been using the bottom two plus the one up my my cartilage. I always though a nose piercing would be cool, but I tried one of those magnetic studs and I pretty much look like a horse's ass with it on, so forget that. When I was in college I almost got my eyebrow pierced, but I heard something about there being a nerve near there that could paralyze your face, so I didn't do that either. Plus, I probably would've been disowned.

5. Repeat question: Summarize your life in blog land and in real life.

I've been quiet in blogland, but I'm super duper extremely beyond excited about BOOBS 2.0. I've already put it for the time off at work, and informed hubby that I WILL be going again. I also instructed him to go on the annual guys' fishing trip, so I don't have to hear about how I get to go away again. Ha!

Real life... this week's been a corker. The little guy has had a fever since Tuesday night, and my tater tot is developing a cough too. It's pretty darn cute though -- she'll cough a bit and then say in this fake hoarse little voice, "I have a frog in my throat! I hafta cough it out!"


Bonnie said...

Oh no! Now tater tot is getting sick too? Not cool. But it is very cool that I'll get to see you again in Chicago. I'm so excited. Hope we will be going dancing again.

Drazil said...

Ha so cute about coughing the frog out. Your middle name is the same as mine!

MandaPanda said...

Aaaww...two sick kiddos is never good.