Monday, January 2, 2012

January Goals

Happy New Year everyone! We got lucky, and convinced my mom to babysit our kids for NYE, so hubs and I got to go to a friend's party. It was an awesome time. I drank too much, kicked everyone's asses at Just Dance, and had fun catching up with people. Incidentally, I also outed myself to one of the group. There is only one person in this friend group who knows about my band so far, so this was kind of big for me. We were sitting and talking and my friend asked me what size pants I wore and offered me a pair of size 14 Lucky jeans (awesome!). We got to talking about the weight loss, and, as always, she asked what I had done. So I just decided to be honest 100%. I told her how I hadn't told a lot of people at first because I was afraid of failing and really looking like an idiot. And she totally got it. She told me that is the exact reason she never tells anyone when she's trying to quit smoking! Anyway, I felt pretty good about having let the cat out of the bag.

Down to business... My goals for this month:
  • weight sub-200 (sounds like a broken record here, LOL)
  • twenty workouts, at least 8 must be strength training
Oh yeah... I picked my first quarter fitness event! I'm going to do the Climb Detroit stair race for the American Lung Association. It's in nine weeks, so there is plenty of time to train. It's a little scary, but I really need something like this out in front of me to stay motivated to workout. I'm trying to convince a few people to do it with me -- mostly it would be nice to have someone to drive downtown with that day!

On the organizing front, I finished the first 4 days of tasks. It was easy since I had already done two of them without even knowing it! Hubs and I also did this today in order to keep piles of crap off our kitchen countertops:

The countertop thingy is purple, so it doesn't exactly match the sage green and brown color scheme. One of these days, I may attempt to mod podge some scrapbook paper on it so it fits in a little better. I just liked this one because it had the perfect spots for cell phone chargers.

That's all I have for tonight. See you on the flipside with an official Jan 1 weigh-in!


Elizabeth said...

Sounds like great goals! I need to get on the organization myself!

Kristin50 said...

The stair race sounds really tough, what a great thing to look forward to. You can do this! You WILL do this!


MandaPanda said...

I've thought about doing a stair race, but I'm too chicken. Good luck with the training! You've got some great goals and I know you can do it!

Beth Ann said...

Go Maria!!

Banded Mommy (Angie) said...

Sounds awesome!
Way to go!

Cece said...

Thanks for the Org in 5 website - I love it !

Perry Joyce said...

Hey lady! Thank you so much for following my new blog! :)

You should start an organization one, I think we all need to get on that train! I'm a disaster at the moment. Fortunately, that was NOT one of my resolutions. Maybe next year! :)

Sam said...

Ingrates on picking a fitness event. And I like the organizers :o)

Sam said...

Okay, auto correct is not working for me today, that should have said 'Congrats' sorry about that :p